Dahlia Guides are apps created for the Dahlia Grower and Exhibitor, created by an American Dahlia Society certified judge.

Available now for the iPhone and iPad!

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At each show there are many folks trying to figure out what classification their dahlia belongs in so I created an app that generates the 4-digit classification number, newly adopted by the ADS. Using this app lets you get the number quickly, there on the show floor or the sale table!

The app displays the 4-digit classification number based on the user selecting the form, size and color.

The color selection wheel gives the standard ADS color types

and generates the number associated with each.

For the forms that require a size selection- FD, ID, C, SC, IC and LC –

The user is prompted to spin the central wheel to get the first of the four digits.

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Dahlia Form Guide

Don't know what form that Dahlia is sitting in your garden or you saw in a neighbor's arrangement? Trying to describe the dahlia form is one of the toughest things to do for a new (and some times experienced) dahlia grower. You know in your mind what the dahlia looks like but can't look it up anywhere based on the shape. This guide provides the basic forms – as classified by the American Dahlia Society – and lets you color them to approximate what you are looking for.

Dahlia Name Guide

This guide includes all the capability of the Dahlia Number Guide and the Dahlia Form Guide and adds the name look up for the chosen form and color. The app presents a selection of known dahlias that have equivalent American Dahlia Society classifications.

Deluxe Dahlia Garden Guide

The Deluxe Dahlia Garden Guide includes over 1000 photographs of popular dahlias grown and shown in the United States. Look up your dahlia by form and color, name or number. Save your favorites to a wish list, garden list or compost heap! For exhibitors, keep track of the awards you have won over the years for each of your favorites. All photos used with permission or copyrighted by greenlady3.